Why I Chose Door.com to List My House for Sale, and Why You Should, Too!

Why I Chose Door.com to List My House for Sale, and Why You Should, Too!

This article was written by Door.com client, Philip Corcoran, who closed on the sale of his family’s home in Summer 2019. Philip reached out to our team to share his experience with homeowners looking for the right fit, hoping this article can save them countless of hours researching and vetting real estate agents.

Have you recently researched how to sell your home?

Merely reading what it takes to find an agent and list a home can be discouraging, especially with today’s flooded real estate industry. With numerous selling options, both old and new, and over 2 MM real estate agents advertising their services – how do you make the right decision?

And how do you sell a house quickly and for an affordable cost? I had lost my job and we made the tough decision to sell our house. The average time to sell a home is 68 days, but my family didn’t have 68 days. Life-changing moments come from left field and force you to make a big change. We could have gone a traditional route for the sale, but we did not want to lose money or time.

My hope for you, after reading this, is that you save your time and energy in researching the selling process and close on your home sale with Door.com. They have the full package that every home seller wants. They have the technology coupled with customer service to provide their clients 100% satisfaction on the sale of your house. This is my experience.

Researching & Finding The Right Real Estate Company

You may be asking yourself the same question, “Who am I going to use to sell my house?” It was such a sensitive time in our life, and we were looking for someone that understood our urgency. This would be our first time using a real estate agent to list our house for sale, and we didn’t know how to navigate the daunting process.

Strike One: A Family Referral – A Home Visit with A Traditional Agent

My first step in my search was contacting a real estate agent that my family has used. As this person came to our house to look around, I began to sense that this person was not motivated to sell my house as aggressively and quickly as I had in mind. While the real estate agent brought reports on other houses in my neighborhood, I noticed that this information was not fully analyzed to our advantage. We knew it wasn’t a good fit, but the last straw was the non-negotiable 6% commission fee that is split between both the seller and buyer real estate agents. We knew there had to be a more affordable way to sell a home, so on to the next option!

Strike Two: Googling Real Estate Agents to Find RedFin

I turned to Google in hopes to find a better option. Through this search, I found numerous companies offering different listing packages. RedFin is one of the companies I signed up with and they had a few agents contact me right away. Their promptness sparked an interest as this was the type of urgency I was looking to utilize. However, I felt uneasy with the fact that RedFin housed real estate agents from multiple agencies. They claim to utilize the top agents in the area, but one of the agents they provided was new to the real estate market which led me to believe that their system is a bit flawed. I put RedFin on my list as their listing fees were reasonable.

Home Run: Googling Real Estate Agents to Find Door.com

Then I found Door.com. Their flat rate listing fee of $5,000 caught my eye as I knew I would be saving money right off the bat. As I registered my information, I received a confirmation with an opportunity to schedule a consultation. After scheduling this appointment a couple of days out, I continued my research to compare competitors that had a flat fee for listing a house.

Why I didn’t go with an even cheaper brokerage, like HomeBay.

I reached out to HomeBay before my Door.com appointment. While their listing fee is less, they also provide fewer services and place much of the weight for selling the house on you as the seller. Being new to selling my house, I did not know how to sell a house or even how much to list my house for sale. HomeBay asked me how much I would like to sell the house and went with that figure. I felt this to be a bit odd and added this to my list of agencies to come back to if Door.com did not work out.

By the way, the listing price I gave HomeBay was $10,000 less than what Door.com’s research provided me to list my house for and Door.com sold my house for the full listing price. This put another $10,000 in my bank account that I was going to leave on the table.

Door.com leverages the data they obtain to continue to improve their price point on listing your house. For me, they had an accuracy rate of 100%. Door.com did not just pull a number out of thin air, they used hard facts to ensure my listing price was at its full market value.

The Digital Aspect to Door.com is Genius

Being new to how all of selling your house works, I was a bit taken back from Door.com setting up their consultation via webcam. Having done webcam meetings through my previous employer, I knew that it can be a bit awkward. At any rate, I set my laptop up in the kitchen, downloaded their program with ease and made sure I was in the meeting minutes early to show I was an eager seller.

The Market Advisor Consultation

Door.com’s Market Advisor entered the webcam meeting with a professional appearance which immediately broke the awkward barrier I thought was going to be an issue. The conversation started with the Market Advisor gaining an understanding of my background, then moved into an in-depth presentation about Door.com. Having worked for a company that leveraged technology to bring a more cost-effective solution into the healthcare industry, I picked up that Door.com is doing the same in the real estate market.

The Market Advisor sold me on using Door.com simply by their business model and the promise that they walk you through the sale of your house step by step until the very end.

After this presentation, we then moved on to my house’s details and the listing price. The Market Advisor listened to my thoughts about the listing price. I would like to reiterate; the Market Advisor listened! It is not every day that you come across a company that takes into consideration the customer’s thoughts. This was also a huge selling point for me as I knew I was dealing with a company that cares. After he listened, he then suggested a higher listing price based on substantial data from my neighborhood that previous real estate agents did not offer to me.

I sat back and thought, “Door.com handled this meeting professionally, provided me confidence in their business, showed me they care about getting me the most equity out of my house and promised to provide a designated agent to help me through this selling process. This is the best company to sell my house!”

Your Door.com Account

Door.com has a Client Portal that you can access to see every aspect of the sale online. You can see your to-do list to get your house on the market, how many views that your house has received online, the offers that buyers make, the breakdown of the sale with the final amount that is paid back to you and the status on the close of the house. Coupled with the portal, you have your agent guiding you through everything and answering all of your questions. This provided me comfort and kept me in the loop to ease any stress I had about selling my house.

The Seamless & Quick Experience

The comfort provided by the excellent customer service was backed by results. Door.com had me registered in their system with availability to the Member Portal, my house staged and photographed, and my house listed on the market in less than a week!

  • The Market Advisor presented to me on a Friday.
  • Door.com had the stager come stage my house the very next Monday with the photographer on Tuesday showing up to take pictures of the staged house.
  • My house was then listed to MLS, Zillow, Realtor.com and many more on Thursday.

But Really, Choose Door.com to Sell Your Home

I can save you a lot of time on your research to tell you that I was not promised that quick of a turnaround by any other realtor. On top of this quick to market experience, Door.com only charges a flat fee of $5,000. Talk about satisfying a customer with great customer service at a lower price!

I would like to finish by stating that Door.com did not approach me to write this article. They did, however, ask me to submit feedback for them which I gladly did due to the amazing experience I had using this company. I believe this to be important because I am willing to go out of my way to explain to you how phenomenal a service Door.com has to offer. If you are looking to put your house for sale, I would like to suggest that you use Door.com as they are your one-stop-shop that not only promises great service, but they deliver on that promise.

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