Why Fall 2019 is Still a Great Time to Sell Your Home

Why Fall 2019 is Still a Great Time to Sell Your Home

Every year around this time, our homeowners start to ask our real estate agents, “is fall a good time to sell a house?” They’ve heard that fall can be a difficult real estate market for the seller, but they don’t want to wait until spring. They are selling in the fall, and they need to be prepared for what they think will a bigger challenge.

Within this fall guide to selling your home, we’ve compiled benefits of the fall real estate market, along with tips on how to make the most out of the season. And while fall might not be the most popular time of the year to sell a house (springtime is the most common time), it’s not impossible and some cities actually flourish during this season. We’ve dug up some data that will ease your worries, and get you in the right frame of mind to sell your home on your terms.

Here’s why listing your home in September, October, and November may be the right time to sell your home:

You’ll make a strong first impression online with late summer photography.

The online listing is so important because 95% of potential home buyers look for their new home online and over half find it before they even engage an agent. You’re taking photos in late summer or early fall when your yard is full of green leaves, rather than fallen leaves or bare trees from the winter months. The trees and shrubs have been growing since spring, and they are at full capacity. Even if you list on a cold day in October, the leaves are at their peak color, and your photos will stand out compared to people whose homes have been on the market since spring and early summer. Remember, people selling in the springtime are taking home photos while their yards are still recovering from the harsher winter months, so your late summer, early fall home will look amazing compared to the spring homes listings still on the market.

Online listings with professional photography sell 32% faster than a comparable home with amateur photos, so that’s why we offer styling and professional photography within our $5K flat fee and our home sells 14% faster than with a traditional agent.

There’s less competition in the Fall, and buyers are more serious about making a purchase.

Because most people believe spring is the best time to sell a home, it’s true that we see less homes being sold in the Fall. But there are always potential buyers that want to make a move – whether it’s because of an unexpected home situation like relocating for a job, needing more room for an upcoming birth, or divorce – these buyers don’t have the luxury to be picky and wait around for view homes for sale during the spring. Because there are less homes on the market, this can help your online listing get more views, resulting in more showings, and hopefully more offers.

Seasonality does not affect all markets in the same way.

In areas that stay warm all year long, like southern California or Florida, seasonality does not affect buyer’s interest in searching for their next home. In colder climates, like Pennsylvania or New York, the spring can be still unpredictable and extremely rainy. There are even markets like San Jose, CA where the median days-on-market has been less than a month in 2019.

Here’s a list of major cities that have recently had their best month of the year in the fall months.

September: Bakersfield, CA, Canyon Lake, TX, Fairfield, CA, Jupiter, FL, Portland, OR, San Jose, CA

October: Everett, MA, Fullerton, CA, Lubbock, TX, San Antonio, TX, Sugar Land, TX, Tomball, TX

November: Austin, TX, San Diego, CA, Nashville, TN, Santa Carita, CA, Sacramento, CA, San Diego, CA, Alexandria, VA, Milwaukee, WI

What's Your Next Step?

Read 5 need-to-know tips about how to increase buyer interest and offers that focus on curb appeal, home improvements, staging tips and showings hacks. But here's one more tip for selling before you go, and you won't be surprised -- but the look of the front DOOR matters! Fall and winter are great seasons for some subtly festive doorways, but don't go overboard. A fresh coat of paint with a complementary (and minimal) wreath is all you need to stand out.

If you have any questions about selling your home, please contact us. Our licensed agents are available everyday from 8am-8pm to help you start planning your sale.

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