The Truth Behind For Sale by Owner Listings

The Truth Behind For Sale by Owner Listings

Curious about for sale by owner (FSBO) listings? Here’s why Lead Agent and Broker Associate Sean Thomas advises against entering the real estate market without proper representation:

The Contract

The contract in a real estate transaction is one of the most important, and lengthy, documents you will likely ever encounter. The contract is filled with legal jargon that protects both the buyer and seller to varying degrees, and your real estate agent is responsible for executing the details within the contract on your behalf. A seller’s or buyer’s contract lists pertinent information regarding addendums, required improvements, back-out options, and the negotiated terms to close the deal. Without a licensed agent, you’re at the mercy of someone else’s word, or at best, a generic, mass-produced contract purchased from an office supply store.

Access to Marketing

All sales transactions require marketing. In a FSBO situation, the marketing is limited to sites that allow FSBO listings. With a licensed agent, properties are listed on multiple listing services (MLS), and appear on 90+ listing sites. Agents also run additional marketing campaigns to increase the speed and asking price your home sells for.

Pricing and Negotiations

Without the help of a seasoned agent, it is difficult to price your home competitively and align with market trends. A good real estate agent will price your home competitively with the current market, and will negotiate the terms of all offers on your behalf. agents are well-practiced in both pricing and negotiation strategies, and won’t leave anything concerning your largest investment to chance.

Showings and Staging

Staging your home guarantees it makes the best first impression it can, but if you aren’t working with an agent who provides staging services, you could be missing out on offers. You wouldn’t invite guests into your home without cleaning it, and you shouldn’t try to show your home without staging it. That’s why offers free staging services for all of our listings.


Showings sell homes. Sellers are attracted to homes they find in their local listings, but it’s the showing that secures an offer. Without an agent, you’re responsible for soliciting, planning, and completing all showings. Not only is that a big time commitment, but it’s also a sales risk if you aren’t practiced and confident with securing showings.

Professional Photography

Listing photos secure showings. If your listing’s photos aren’t clean, well-framed, professional photos, you run the risk of missing out on offers. provides all sellers with professional photography and 3D drone imaging for their listings, but FSBO listings are often listed with cell phone photos that are poor quality and lack the framing that good real estate photography requires.

**“If someone wasn’t familiar with real estate, I would warn them against it at all costs.” **

Sean Thomas Lead Agent & Broker Associate |

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