Save Money on Full Service with

Save Money on Full Service with

With, you pay a low flat fee based on the package you choose, no matter the list price of your home. Plus, you get an even better experience than you would with traditional real estate professionals. It’s easy to make a client think a 6% commission is worth it when there’s no transparency into the process, but with today’s technology and the ability to have a visible transaction, most home sellers can see that the cost of selling just doesn’t fit.

Still, there are a few myths surrounding the idea of a flat-fee brokerage that just aren’t true, Let’s break them down:

Myth: Discount price, decreased service

Reality: Traditional real estate agents may try to convince potential customers that “you get what you pay for” with brokerages like This simply isn’t true. We've garnered hundreds of five-star reviews and our agents close 10 times as many homes as the traditional agent in a year, which gives them valuable experience from the beginning of the process until closing. Why do we charge less? We simply don't think traditional real estate commissions fairly represent the level of effort it takes to sell your home for market price.

Myth: Buyers agents avoid flat-fee listings

Reality: Some home sellers considering listing their home with a flat-fee brokerage believe potential buyers might miss their property because their agents aren’t making a commission. We still recommend that the buyer’s agent receives their standard commission even though we aren’t taking one for ourselves. This guarantees that home buyers working with an agent will still see your home and give it the attention it deserves, and you will still save thousands.

Myth: Flat fee only benefits those with little to no equity

Reality: Quite the opposite is true! Since the standard real estate commission fee is based on a percentage of the sale price, the more equity you have in your home, the more commission you will pay. For example, if your home price is $500,000, you’d pay 3%, or $15,0000, to both the buyer’s agent and listing agent. If you sell with, you’d only pay that 3% to the buyer’s agent, and just $5,000 to us. That’s $10,000 saved on closing costs.

An average of $10,000 in savings paired with the best listing agents, efficient execution and high-tech transparency is what makes our service truly unrivaled, and our clients agree:

“I will never again give away thousands of dollars to a regular realtor unnecessarily when had a team working together to make the sale of my home an incredible experience.”

– Paulette, Home Seller“The original draw was the flat-rate fee but what would make me recommend is the service. I’ve bought and sold several homes, and this was by far the best experience I’ve had in real estate.”

– Sherrie, Home Seller“Mikey was great and the selling process was smooth with his assistance. saved us $12,500 in fees! We will definitely use when we buy and will recommend them to our family and friends.”

– Deanna, Home Seller“ was fantastic. I literally saved over $12,000, and they encouraged me to list for $25,000 more than what I thought that the house should list for and it sold within 24 hours.”

– Dave, Home Seller

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