How You Can Move For Less Than $300

How You Can Move For Less Than $300

Hiring moving professionals is generally the most efficient way to move, but it can also be the most expensive. Depending on the type of service you choose, packages include hourly rates of labor, packing services, packing materials, etc. You can even hire out unpacking services if you’re inclined. Moving companies in large cities charge as much as $200 an hour to dispatch two laborers to load and unload your boxes and furniture with a moving truck. A typical, two-bedroom residence that’s been packed for loading efficiency can take up to ten hours to move – costing $2,000 or more just for labor. Full-service moves that include packing materials, packing services, and moving labor can quickly reach $15,000 for a two-bedroom residence in large residential areas, so how can you make an inner city move for less?

Use Recycled Boxes

Call local businesses and ask them to save the boxes from their inventory shipments. If you know you’re moving in advance, you can start collecting boxes early and save anywhere from 0.75-$5.00 per box.

Rent a Moving Truck or Trailer

Renting a moving truck or trailer is typically less than $150 a day– making it cheaper than one hour of moving labor.

Invest in Pizza and Call in the Cavalry

With the promise of food and an offer to help with their next move, your friends and family can help you save an additional $1,900 or more.

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