How to Stage a Master Bedroom When Selling Your Home

How to Stage a Master Bedroom When Selling Your Home

When preparing to show a home to potential buyers, you want to make sure that every area of the house leaves a lasting impression. And at the very center of the process is staging a bedroom in a way that helps prospective buyers imagine themselves making that intimate space their own.

But how can you stage a master bedroom to present it in the best way possible?

Well, there are actually a few important aspects you should consider, which can make a huge difference in the way that your staged bedroom looks and feels. Let’s go through each of the steps you should consider below.

De-Clutter & Clean Up

The first and most straightforward step of staging a master bedroom is making sure that it looks clean and doesn’t appear cluttered.

After all, it’s hard to appeal to any potential buyers when the bedroom is a mess. However, even though most people can relate to its importance, actually organizing and cleaning the bedroom can often be a challenge.

Make sure that you not only do a thorough cleaning of the room but also that you try to put away any items that clutter up the space. Figure out an efficient way to store away everyday items so that they aren’t taking up unnecessary space. You should also consider throwing away stuff that doesn’t serve a purpose or “bring joy” (as Marie Kondo would say).

Use Bright & Neutral Colors for Paint

When it comes to colors, everyone has their own ideas on how their bedroom should look. But even though you may like stronger colors like red or orange, that doesn’t mean it’s ideal for bedroom staging. In fact, a lot of the time, you will probably find much more success by using relaxed colors when you stage a master bedroom.

But what types of colors work best?

Well, you can never go wrong with brighter and more neutral color choices – various shades of gray, or even soft shades of blue or green might make the room seem relaxing and cozy, which is essential if you want to leave an impression. After all, the bedroom is the place where people want to unwind and recharge after a long day, so making it inviting and calming is essential.

Warm Lighting Wins

When choosing a home, most people naturally gravitate towards offers that have more natural light, and that makes sense.

No one wants to live in a dark house. This also holds true for a bedroom. Most people will enjoy the presence of plenty of natural light when they get up in the morning.

What’s more, even when using artificial lighting in your staging, it’s important to make it as homey as possible. Try to use warmer light and avoid fluorescent lighting, as it can seem cold and off-putting, especially for an essential room such as the bedroom. Finally, when figuring out how to stage a bedroom, a good starting point is to have the windows professionally cleaned. That will not only make the room look nicer, but will also maximize the available natural light in the room.

Use Décor That is Simple & Modern

Décor is an essential part of making a bedroom your own, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that more is better when you want to stage a master bedroom.

You might find that by keeping the décor simple and uncluttered, you can make the bedroom much more inviting. A sparse presentation allows prospective buyers to imagine their own little touches and design elements that could complement the existing layout.

Another suggestion is to use neutral and fitting paintings or prints to make the room cozier and fill up the wall space. You could also try staging a bed with an attractive comforter and accent pillows to draw attention.

But other than that, try to let the room present itself and offer few distractions that could take away from what it has to offer.

Ensuite Bathroom Should Match The Master Bedroom

Finally, when you want to stage a master bedroom, you can’t ignore the importance of preparing the ensuite bathroom as well.

Most buyers will place significant importance on the ensuite bathroom meeting their requirements. Ensure that this space is as clean and tidy as possible. In terms of design and color scheme, the ensuite bathroom should mimic and complement the bedroom so that both areas create a unified retreat from the busy world that awaits outside. Just as in the bedroom, try to remove all unnecessary items and clutter that might obstruct or hide the benefits and design elements that the ensuite bathroom has to offer.

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Staging a master bedroom plays a vital role in how quickly and for what price you are ultimately able to sell your home. With the tips that we’ve explored, you can make sure that your master bedroom leaves a lasting impression on all prospective buyers.

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