How to Prepare your Home for Inspection

How to Prepare your Home for Inspection


Ito Group Home Inspections created this quick guide to help prepare your home for inspection, and reduce the amount of items that appear on the inspection report for buyers: 

  • All utilities need to be on.
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • The areas around the electric panel, water heater, furnace, and A/C need to be clear and accessible.
  • Unlock all gates.
  • Attic access and landing areas need to be clear and accessible.
  • Closets need to be cleared to access crawl space beneath the floor area.
  • If you have a gas fireplace, leave the gas key on the mantle where it is clearly visible.
  • The dishwasher needs to be empty.
  • Secure pets in kennels, or temporarily remove them from the property.
  • Remove all pet waste from the property.
  • If you have a swimming pool, remove all debris and apply water treatment as needed.
  • Ensure there are smoke detectors in each bedroom, hallway, and on each floor level, and that they are working properly.
  • Replace missing or broken switches and electrical outlet cover plates.
  • Replace or repair leaking faucets.
  • Tighten all door knobs.
  • Repair or replace weather stripping on exterior doors.
  • Caulk the edges of doors and windows on the exterior side.
  • Replace damaged or missing window screens.
  • Replace cracked or broken panes of glass in doors and windows.
  • Ensure each light socket in the home has a working bulb.
  • Tighten all hand and stair railings.
  • Patch holes and cracks in walls and ceilings and repaint those areas.
  • Replace heating and AC air filters.
  • Be prepared to leave your home for 3-4 hours to allow the inspector and potential buyer(s) to thoroughly inspect the property.

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