How to Design a Kid-friendly Home You Won’t Hate

How to Design a Kid-friendly Home You Won’t Hate

There’s no arguing that having kids in the home changes everything– Sleep patterns, those four-letter words you can no longer use in traffic, and the way you design your space, but a kid-friendly home doesn’t have to mean a drab home. We’ve put together a list of tips to create a space that’s kid-friendly as well as aesthetically pleasing for adults:

Consider how your family lives

Be honest with yourself about how your family spends their time and design your home with emphasis on those activities. If your family has dinner together and discusses their days every evening, then you’ll want to focus on optimizing the kitchen and dining area. If you spend more time in front of the television watching movies together, then making the most of that space should be prioritized.

Skip the dorm-style furniture

You might purchase low-cost furniture with the thought process that kids will likely destroy whatever you buy, but buying low-end furniture won’t save you money long-term. Go ahead and purchase the nice furniture you’ve had your eye on. Higher-end pieces are sturdier, and can stand more abuse than low-cost alternatives. At some point, it will be a trampoline, a wrestling pad, and a coloring zone– so optimize your purchase by planning accordingly. Just be sure to choose durable, stain-resistant fabrics and materials.

Simple is chic

Minimalism is in. Capitalize on the trend and design a no-fuss room. Keep throw pillows to a minimum, tchotchkes put away, and eliminate excess decor.

Limit window treatments

Window coverings, blinds, and curtains are standard decor in most homes, and designing a kid-friendly home doesn’t mean you have to give them up. Just avoid pooling drapes and keep blinds out of reach when possible.

Focus on flooring

Most flooring can be made kid-friendly, but there are a few things to look for to make your floors safer for mobile kids and easier to clean. If you love hardwood floors, opt for a pre-distressed wood with a non-skid finish. They’ll be friendlier to socked feet and won’t show scratches or dings as easily as a non-distressed, glossy finish.

Carpet lovers can invest in wool-nylon and nylon blends with a stain-resistant finish. Darker colors will show fewer stains, but if you have your heart set on light beige there’s still hope. Just opt for carpet tiles instead of rolled carpet. You’ll be able to bring individual tiles to the dry cleaner for stain removal, or replace individual pieces instead of replacing the carpet in an entire room.

Stowe your storage

Closed storage offers aesthetically pleasing storage options, minimal clutter, and an out of sight out of mind approach for curious kids. It’s also a safer alternative for families with smaller children since most storage cabinets can have locking mechanisms added for minimal cost.

Choose wipeable walls

There are several paints on the market that tout their cleanability and resilient colors. Save yourself from painting over a marker masterpiece, and opt for a scrubbable paint that won’t fade over time.

Give them a special space

Create a special area tailored to their interests. Have a chalk wall for creative minds, reading nooks, and open areas for play. Kids are less tempted to play with things they aren’t supposed to when you provide them with other, more appealing options.

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