How Sellers can Simplify the Selling Process

How Sellers can Simplify the Selling Process

Selling your home is just as time intensive as shopping for a new one. Check out what Lead Agent Savannah Detten recommends to her clients in Austin for making the process as easy as possible:

Be Transparent with your Agent

Transparency and clear communication are key to a smooth selling process. Your agent needs to know if you have a moving deadline, when you’re most available for communication, and what your bottom line is for negotiations.

Know your Bottom Line

Before your house goes live on the market, work with your real estate agent to decide the lowest offer you’re willing to accept, along with the repair negotiations you’re willing to agree to. Knowing your bottom line before you start receiving offers will help your agent navigate negotiations more efficiently and successfully on your behalf.

Reply to Offers Quickly

Buyers who are shopping online have grown accustomed to instant gratification. Carefully consider any offers before accepting or declining them, but keep in mind that waiting to see if a better offer will come along isn’t always fruitful. Knowing your bottom line will help you quickly decline offers that are too low– giving you time to consider more appealing offers.

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