Five Questions to Ask Before Moving to a New City

Five Questions to Ask Before Moving to a New City

Moving to a new city can be scary, exciting, or fall somewhere in between. Before you embark on your latest adventure, ask these five questions to ease the transition:

How will living expenses differ?

The cost of living can vary greatly from one city to another. A two-bedroom apartment in a small, rural area might be $500-700 a month, while that same apartment in a larger metropolis area could easily be listed at $2,000 a month or higher. Utilities, transportation costs, and social outings can also range in price– making it imperative to research how much it will actually cost to live somewhere before you move.


Different cities will offer different transportation options. Owning a personal vehicle might be the preferred option in your current city, but if the city you’re considering moving to is optimized for using public transit your commute might become the most difficult part of your day. Wherever you’re wanting to move, be sure you have a solid understanding of the transportation systems available and the locally preferred method.


Different regions have their own climate quirks, so it’s good to know what those are before committing to a move. Some cities, like Seattle, don’t offer air conditioning in the majority of the homes available. If you prefer to have the thermostat set at 68 degrees year round, then you’ll want to consider if you can handle the warmer parts of the year without air conditioning.

Does the city cater to your interests?

Moving is a lot like getting married. You’re making a serious commitment to a new area, so be sure the area has something to offer you. If you love cycling, find out if the city you’d like to move to has an adequate amount of bike trails. If you prefer nightlife, concerts, or alternative social scenes look for local event calendars to get an idea of how active that particular crowd it.

Can you afford it?

Once you factor in any difference in living costs, create a budget using your current finances. Once the excitement of moving to a new city wears off the bills will still be there, so creating a budget will provide a reality check on whether you can really afford to move or if the excitement of something new is getting the best of you.

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