5 Tips For an Amazing Showing When Selling Your Home This Fall

5 Tips For an Amazing Showing When Selling Your Home This Fall

Did you know that autumn is the second best time of the year to sell your home, right after spring?

The weather is starting to cool, the leaves are falling, and it’s getting dark sooner in the day. Potential buyers have obsessed over your online listing and description of your lovely home for the last few days after your home went live. Thank goodness you decided to sell this fall, and coordinating professional photos with Door.com was totally worth the affordable investment. After confirming the show time, your soon-to-be buyers can't wait to drive up to their future home and be wowed in-person, just like they were online.

Make the most of your home selling experience and the fall season by sticking to these easy-to-follow guidelines, and get ready to blow your buyers away.

Severe Weather ProTip:

Thunderstorms, tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes and even snow storms can happen at any time during the fall season. If your yard has fallen trees, the roads are blocked, or the power is out consider pausing your showings for a bit. You don't want anything that could frustrate your potential buyers while they are on their way to your house or while they are there. Even if you do not live on the property, make sure to examine the damage and make smart decisions about what type of real life impression you want to give.

1. Yard maintenance

Curb appeal is everything. Use a leaf blower daily to remove dirt and leaves on the walkways, driveways, and doorsteps. Rake the yard or hire a maintenance crew to rake and mow every week. Don't even think about leaving your dog's poop in the yard for even a day. Reuse those plastic bags from grocery shopping, or consider hiring a poop removal service if you really don't want to bother with it. No judgement here on whatever you decide to do, just make sure your lawn is mowed and animal waste-free.

2. Decorating for the holidays

Here's the most important staging tip. Stay away from decorating for Halloween, especially anything that might clash with your home or cover up the best part of your house. If you want to get into the holiday spirit, choose Thanksgiving to highlight a family-vibe, rather than Halloween. The key to a great showing is to depersonalize your home, and holiday decorations on the front door, or in the kitchen, are usually a reflection of your taste and aesthetic, rather than a blank canvas for your potential buyers.

3. Window cleaning

Fall is the tail end of hurricane season, and can be very rainy for certain parts of the United States. Power wash your window before your photography session, and remove any rainy streaks weekly. Again, consider hiring a service if yard and window maintenance is not your thing.

4. Light control

Invest in automatic indoor and outdoor lights that you can control from your smartphone. This will help you prepare for last-minute showings or adjusting them to daylight savings. The last thing you need is a buyer pulling up to a house that is dark and gloomy. This helps your curb appeal immensely while the sun is setting. Don't be tempted by the colorful mood lighting. Now is not the time for that, and some people just find those off-putting.

5. Temperature control

Depending on where you live, Fall weather can be pretty unpredictable. How do you make sure that your home is warm when the temperature drops 15 degrees during the afternoon? Invest in smart thermostat tools like Nest, Ecobee, or Sensi to control how warm your home on a cold day or cool your home on a hot afternoon from afar.

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