5 Reasons to Buy a House this Fall


Your negotiating power is much higher during the off-season

Tax Deductions

Property tax and mortgage interest are both tax deductions. As long as you close before the end of the year, you’ll be able to deduct these amounts from your taxable income for the entire year.

Negotiating Power

Sellers are more motivated to close in the Fall, so you’ll have more leverage during negotiations concerning price, repairs, and other addendums.

Affordable Upgrades

Fall is peak season for retail sales, so you’ll be able to upgrade your appliances, furniture, and home accessories for the lowest price of the year– which means your Door refund check will stretch even further.

Less Competition

Since Summer is peak buying season, Fall sees a dramatic decline in buyers searching for houses. Not only does that increase your negotiating power, but it also means you’ll have more time to craft a carefully considered offer.

Better Moving Rates

Fall is off-season for moving companies, so you’ll be able to hire moving services for much lower than peak season prices. There are plenty of ways to save money when buying or selling a home. Did you know we saved our clients an average of $12,000 in 2017? Click the link below and find out more.

Your negotiating power is much higher during the off-season