10 Signs it’s Time to Move

10 Signs it’s Time to Move

Making the decision to sell your home and start the next chapter in your life can be tough. It’s easy to avoid change even though the signs that it’s time to move are staring you in the face. For example, if you notice any of these common signs occurring in your life, it’s probably a good time to consider selling your home and making a fresh start.

Your living space is getting tight

Maybe you just had a baby, maybe you rescued a really big dog, or maybe you just need a guest bedroom for your in-laws. Either way, you don’t have room for anything anymore, which is a tell-tale sign that it’s time find a bigger home.

You’re ready for the suburbs

Just because you’ve always lived the city life doesn’t mean you can’t one day enjoy the ‘burbs and their lower cost of living, great schools and safe neighborhoods. Many couples and new families move to the suburbs every year and pay less for larger homes and a bigger yard.

You’ve got a new job opportunity

You may need to sell your home if your current job requires you to move to a new city, or even if you come across an exciting new opportunity and decide to relocate and start your new chapter. This happens all the time, and the U.S. Census Bureau even says the top job-related reasons for moving are relocating for a new career or job transfer.

You have safety concerns or conflicts with neighbors

If the neighborhood you’re currently living in feels unsafe, or you can’t seem to resolve the dreaded neighborly issue, relocating might be the best solution to avoid any further conflict or danger.

You go through a relationship change

Relationship status changes can affect your living situation in one of two ways: If you and your significant other are taking the next steps in life, you may want to move in together. If things are going south, consider moving out and getting your own place.

Your commute is terrible

Some commuters don’t mind sitting in their cars for hours on end every day, however, most of us can agree that bumper-to-bumper traffic could be a good reason to move closer to work. Still need convincing? A recent study found that a shorter commute to work can actually increase your lifespan. If you’re driving too far, start packing!

Your financial situation changes

Have you come into some more money recently? Congratulations! What better way to celebrate than to get a bigger home now that you have more resources? If the opposite has occurred and you’ve lost money somehow, downsizing might be your best option.

You need an upgrade

Renovating your existing home is one option if you’re ready for a nicer place. However, a lot of issues can arise when revamping your space-- such as a longer-than-expected timeline, unexpected hiccups and a high price tag. Consider moving to a home that’s already nicer than what you have.

You have too much empty space

It might be time to downsize if you’re starting to hear an echo in your home. It’s often hard for empty-nesters to move on from all of the memories made, but sometimes, less is more. Consider moving to a home that will free up more of your time and allow you to enjoy this next chapter in your life.

You have family commitments

From aging parents who are in need to kids who need a better school, family ties can lead you elsewhere. To keep things positive, consider it an exciting opportunity to experience a change of pace and find your new dream home in a new location.

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If any of these signs made you realize it is in fact time to move, contact a Door.com agent today to learn more about the next steps.

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