Three Surprising things Buyers Value in the Houston Market

Real estate markets are rather predictable when it comes to where buyers place value. Kitchens, bathrooms, closet space, and flooring are major selling points across the national real estate market, but Door clients in the Houston market are focusing less on cosmetics and more on flooding.

Contrary to Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, Door’s real estate clients in the Houston market place more value in flood related items than anything else. Appearances and open-concept planning may sell homes in other markets, but with increasing floods in the area, Houston residents are wary of water damage.

Selling in the Houston market? Here’s what homebuyers in your area want to know:

Flood Zones

If your home is listed in a flood zone, you’ll want to be transparent with potential buyers. If it’s in a low or no-risk area, that’s a huge selling point.

Previous Flood Damage

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do if your property has sustained flood damage, but being honest with buyers about the repairs and any existing warranties will go a long way.

Drainage and Grading

Buyers in the Houston market look for drainage systems that lead as much water away from the house as possible. French drains are a solid selling point, but an efficient drainage system is quickly becoming a non-negotiable to buyers in the area. Lot grading can greatly increase or reduce the efficacy of your drainage system, and buyers are paying special attention to this often cited area on inspection reports.

“Sellers can’t do much about it if their house has flooded before, but they can focus on drainage and grading. It doesn’t show up well in photos, but that’s the reality of what buyers look for in the Houston market.”

-Matthew Callahan Market Manager | Door Real Estate, Houston

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